The Birthplace of Grundéns

We hope you are having a great summer! We took our well needed Grundéns gear and went sailing. The clear greenish water and skin toned rocks of Bohuslän is the original birthplace of Grundéns.   

Swedish Midsummer

We had exactly this weather at the Swedish West Coast. This can be the most Swedish thing there is. To defy the cold and rainy weather, with a mental picture of a warm and sunny summer day.

Nordic Surf

The Nordic Surfers are used to similar conditions as the Alaskan King Crab fishermen. Here, good surf comes with strong winds, most of the time foul weather and loads of rain. These guys dive into the blue all year around. We had a chat with one of our local heroes. He started out surfing these conditions wearing his old pink wet suit from the eighties.

"When the air temperature is below zero, getting into the ocean is like wrapping a lesser cold blanket around your body" - Peter, Fjärås 

All photography provided by Carl Erik Jonas 

We'll get back with more from Peter and the cold Nordic waters.

Mat & Eric

We've had the great pleasure to have our beloved brothers from across the oceans at our office this week. I just wanna get one of those teleportation devices installed at our offices.    

Pre Order from Web Shop

We've had a steady stream of lovely customers at the web shop. Some articles are sold out a bit earlier then we expected. To make sure you get your article in your size as soon as possible, we have added the possibility to Pre Order. Click link next to ADD TO CART button, fill out the pop-up email with your size and contact. We will sequentially relay your specific order directly to our production line to ensure quickest possible delivery. As soon as we get a delivery date, we will send you this information with an option to make an order.  


This timeless original is quite a square, and that's just the thing that makes it so sweet. Like a pair of 501s from 1947 sits a bit square with an unbeatable charisma, Sandhamn has that same, beautiful square cool.   

When we were light

At the time when Grundéns revolutionary plastic coated Rainwear was introduced in Sweden these garments were considered to be light weight. Compared to linseed-oil drenched jackets, that was. 

 "Light weight" ad in Swedish

"Light weight" ad in Swedish

First Day of Web Shopping at Grundéns

We are very happy to have recieved orders from our first customers today. Thank you Guys! It is always a bit nerv wrecking to launch a new store. You made our friday a happy one. Another thing that made us extra happy is the beautiful rain weather we have had at the west coast today.

Have a great Weekend

The Design Team

Fårö Details

French corde du roi or "the King's Cord" is a fabric with many applications. From silent hunting garments to warming and "quick" dry pocket-lining in traditional Navy Pea Coats. Grundéns has been running a light weight Corduroy as collar lining for many years. When we designed the Fårö-serie, we put emphasis on this ingredient of Corduroy in specific parts of the garment. We are using a heavy weight Corduroy with fewer Wales for extra comfort inside sleeve endings, inside the warming pockets and on the collar of Fårö Jacket.

 Inside Warming Pockets

Inside Warming Pockets

 Collar and Strap of Jacket and Coat

Collar and Strap of Jacket and Coat

 Inside Sleeve Endings

Inside Sleeve Endings